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The purpose is to develop core skills and need based competencies in primary care physicians for the practice of evidence based diabetes management to improve patient outcomes. Total duration of course is twelve months with monthly online sessions.

CCEBDM (2023-2024)

1 Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus
2 Evaluation of the Person with Diabetes
3 Lifestyle Management in Diabetes
4 Drug Therapy for Diabetes- Part 1
5 Drug Therapy for Diabetes- Part 2
6 Metabolic Complications of Diabetes
7 Microvascular Disease in Diabetes
8 Macrovascular Disease in Diabetes
9 Other Complications of Diabetes
10 Diabetes Care in Special Situations
11 Diabetes in Pregnancy and Other Forms of Diabetes
12 Conclusions And Take Home Messages

Eligibility and Enrolment Criteria:

Medical graduates (MBBS) with at least 3 years of clinical experience

Note: Few Seats Available at Selected Centres. The language of instruction shall be English

Evaluation Criteria:

Participant evaluation will be through a continuous internal evaluation, course work and performance in the written examination. The criteria for successful completion of the program shall be as follows:

  • Participation needs to attend 10 out of 12 Modules (including the pre-test and post -test of each module)
  • Completion of assigned course work (Three interim assignments based on completed modules given at the end of 4th, 7th, and 10th Modules)
  • Appearance and clearance of final written examination in the form of MCQs in an hour, along with module 12 (Min. 50% score required to clear the examination).

The candidate completing the certificate course successfully shall be awarded the certificate, to be jointly issued by PHFI, DMDEA and respective Regional Faculty.

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